Here are some fun sites that you'll get a real kick out of!!! LOL!!!


Heyy! Wana visit a website kinda like ours??? our friend jamie has a website too! you can visit her @!!! She's pretty much got the same set up going on and has over 700 views now! wow! anyway, visit her! she loves having lotsa visitors!!!

yall go to its like a myspace but better and do us a favor go to sign up nowand then where it says key word put in bennadrill and that will be who you need to sign up under its a friend adn she wants yall to have fun and stuff so ya but hurry and sign up for free now before you have to pay to sign up if u sign up now u nevr have to pay but  u will get payed

OMG I FOUND THE COOLEST WEBSITE EVR well aside from ours :) go to it has like evry movie imagineable