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There are so many words that we make up on a daily basis. Here are a few words to add to your vocabulary!!!

We were two of the first people to start saying ginormous. Our parents hated hearing us say it because it wasn't a real word, but look where we got it now!!! Ginormous is actually a word that can be found in any 2008 webster's dictionary today! Most of the words below aren't real words either... yet! Start saying a few of these and teach them to your friends! You never know what could end up being in the dictionary in 3 years!!!

1. Adorabubble: So cute and adorable, you could cry

2. Adorkable: adorable and dorky

3. Agreeing Machine: A girl who says yes to everything to make friends

4. Aristo-Brat: A rich kid who is snotty

5. A.T.M.: a friend who spends a lot of money

6. Babblescent: A teen who is always blabbing (doesn't that mean EVERYONE!!!)

7. Babylicious: Spin-off of Fergilicious; attractive

8. Bad-Lib: Quickly replacing a bad word, with a good one.

9. Baldwin: 1990s: cute guy, today: overweight bald guy

10. Bathroomy: Describes a girl who uses the bathroom obsessively (bladder problem? i think not!)

21. Catpause: How long it takes for a girl to leave the room and the others start talking about her

22.Chichi (shee shee): Expensive in a tasteless way

23. Chimping: Making oohs and ahhs when looking at picturesof you and your friends

24. Cling-On: A friend who never leaves your side

25. Co-Inky Dink: Coincidence!

26. Conked: Having curly hair straightened (D does this, but not permanently, of course!)

27. Crayola Storm: Someone who tries to wear too many bright colors

28. Creep-ola: Creepy, bad, off limits

29. Cutiful: Between cute and beautiful

30. Cutissimo: The ultimate state of cuteness

11. Be Toast: Ruined. EX: When you explain that F in Science to your parents, you'll be toast.

12. Beanie: Pretty girl

13. Beyond: In girl speak, goregous. EX: Those shoes are beyond!

14. Bi-Phonal: Being able to talk on more than one phone at once.

15. Blato: Obvious

16. Bohunk: A really cute guy, better than a hunk

17. Botard: A bohunk who isn't very smart

18. Broad Squad: a group of girlfriends

19. Bullhorn Implant: what a girl who talks really loudly got done

20.Burn the Pom-Poms: Getting to work, and stop goofing around.