We know you know about some emoticons, such as the signature : ), but there are so many more out there!!!

Here are a few very simple one's that you probably haven't heard about!!

_/\_\o/_                    A shark attack!!!

_/\__*\o/*__             A shark attacking a cheerleader!!!

( '} {' )                     Kisses!!!

:]~~~~~*                A frog catching a fly!!!

~(8(|)                     Homer Simpson (or a monkey!!!)!!!

~))) '>                      An armadillo or opposum!!!

..._(:)-0                 A scuba diver!!!

@(*o*)@                  Princess Leia or a Koala Bear!!!

})i({                        A butterfly!!!

(:::::[ ]:::::)              A Band-Aid!!!

>: [~                      A Vampire!!!

=8 - 0                        A person who just saw a vampire!!!

(=^;^=)               A cat!!!

(=^@;@^)                A cat that just saw a vampire!!!

Well, hopefully those will make you happy for now. If you have any interesting emoticons that you want us to post up on this page, email them to us @ midchix@gmail.com!!!

Don't forget to keep checking back here for new emoticons!!!