Hey there, gal pals! Here's a new page we created all about YOU!!!  Here, we write YOUR embarrasing or icky stories that YOU send to us! If YOU want YOUR story up here, you can email us @ midchix@gmail.com. Can't wait to hear YOUR stories!!

Oh, Snap!

One Saturday, I went to the mall with my friends and saw this amazing snap up mini skirt. I had to have it! On Monday, I wore it to school because I knew that I would be talked about all day long, in a good way... Well, it didn't turn out that way. I went along getting compliments of every kind from freinds in the hallways, and soon, word got out about the snap buttons. I was on my way to lunch when it happened. The class clown in my math class ran by me, grabbed one side of my skirt, and, with a snap, pulled it off, only to expose my new, lacey Victoria's Secret panties! All I can say, is I'm glad they weren't Hanes! I got talked about the rest of the day, all right!!

Crush or Dare...

One night at camp, I was playing Truth or Dare. When it was my turn, I picked "Truth." My buds asked me if I had a crush on Matt, the popular guy at camp. Duh, of course I did! All of the sudden, we heard guys laughter outside of our window- it was Matt and his friends! They heard my whole confession. Matt just looked at me and shook his head "No."


Once I went to school wearing a new dress that I had just bought at the mall. I thought the outfit was supercute and couldn't wait to show it off to my friends... that is, until I walked into class and realized I was wearing the same outfit as my teacher! It was so embarrasing! Everyone started staring at me and saying stuff like, "Nice outfit!" and "Hey look! They're twins!" I felt like such a dork, like I was trying to become the teachers pet or something!