update 05/03/2009

Hey guys, so sorry we haven't been writing!  Well big news, A and D might be switching schools!  instead of going to the local high school, D mite go to a diff school and A might go to a diff school but not the smae idff schools, boo hoo!!!! but 2 great skools so WOO HOO!!!!

The Clique Movie 12/06/2008

Okay so the clique movie came out and A and D both have it and it is Ah-mazing!!!!


Hey... So sorry we haven't written in a while!!  So A has a crush, no you can't know his name that would be saying to much, but hes cute, funny, and a lot of my friends don't like him very much lol! but i do!!!!!!!!!!

Heyy!!! 09/02/2008

Today was our first day of school!!! Yay!!! It was sooo much fun!!! Great teachers (except for A!!! So sorry!!)!! We now have a new page about our Washington DC Trip!!! Read all about it!!! See ya soon!!!


~ D

A AgAin 08/10/2008

HEY!  its a im so sorry i havnt been writing in like forever and a day!!! well iv been checking out some stuff to make our site 20 xs better so ill keep yall posted ugg wat is with my southern accent on this dang computer aww shoot shoot well yall i guess i talk to yall later shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot


Heyy, guys!!! What do you think of maybe a bonus month coming up??? New pages, 2 celebs of the month, 2xs the songs, tons more stories about you???? Sounds great, rite? Heyy, maybe we'll even finish some pages that we havent finished yet! That would be a great way to get back to school, wouldn't it? Speaking of getting back to school, what do you think of a back to school page?? All of this can be a dream come true if you guys just EMAIL US!!! We can't say it enough!!! Anyway, tell us what you think, and we might even email you back!!! ttyl!!


Post Title. 07/10/2008

Hey! D again! I found out that i did my scuba diver wrong! :( But Here's the right way to do it!


I was pretty close! Anyway, we now have a page dedicated only to emoticons!!! Hope everyone's summer is going well!!! Don't forget to email us!!!


Post Title. 07/08/2008

Summer has finally arrived!!! D here! Sorry I haven't been writing as much as I used to. I just got back from 2 weeks in San Carlos, Mexico!!! It was so much fun! Check around the site, I've done some work! Also, for those of you who like the Lisi Harrison books (aka, the clique), check out her website! she just updated her blah-g after about 3 weeks! Sorry that A didn't actually post the youtube video. If you go to the "Fun Stuff! Must check Out!" page, you can see I did post it (no copyright infrigmant intended). Remember to email us about your summer and about our site! Tell us if you like the new stuff!!!


btw, what do you think of my scuba diver?? I can't remember if i did it right. I'll hav to get back to you on that!

..._0^ )


ADM go on you tube and (if you like the clique books) youtube.com/watch?v=MtPBz3AacZ4

Sorry 06/14/2008

We are so sorry that we havent been writting in a while it s just with school finals and home work they just get piled up you know!!!