Hey to all 05/13/2008

Oh, my flippen gawd!!!!!!! Its so hot out side can some one help me??? I think I'm gonna die of heat maybe A and D will hit the beach?? so yah Love top all and go find air conditioning.


Hey its D finnaly I know but I just wanted to say hi to yall cause i have never posted to the blog (as A s-A-id (lol)) but yah so hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!

New site 05/13/2008

Guess what I have a doctors appointment on friday!!!!! I have had this cough for like 4 months SUUUHNNOOOZER!!!!!!!!!! Like you guys would care (lol).  I am adding a new page for shout outs (btw this is a (A-gain (LOL)) and if you send us stuff we'll put pics and we'll give shout outs to peeps we know KK??

8:02am 05/04/2008

Hola everyone!

        This is the one the only A! Just so you all know these are not our real names but random letters(lol)! So A=mc & D= sav! So we, A and D, will be checking the site regularly and if there is ever a note from us please be graced with their presence (lol).  But we feel it might be eisier to update it  every couple of days so that way it becomes a routine  and if we were to wait say a month , we would have to rearrage things alot more!!!!!

*sorry for misspellings if there are any!!!*

Bord. 05/03/2008

Its 9:28 right now and Im bored! is A! I could really use some entertainment right now cant every body???

First Post! 05/03/2008


Hey yall this is the first ever blog!!! I want to explain the site a little bit.

Home is where we will put important news.           

The Blogger is where you are now and this is where we will put up blogs every so often.

Ask the chix is where we will post Questions and answers from our readers(you).

The pictures are where we will post pictures that you send us, our pics, or cool pics we found on the net!